computers_lab2The course

The course focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of contemporary, theoretical, practical and professional issues in information technology. Students will become competent in cutting-edge desktop & Internet software development methods and apply these to the solution of real-world problems. The course emphasizes an object-oriented approach to software design & development, reflecting the accepted standard used in commercial software production. It is therefore an excellent choice for students who wish to acquire the necessary skills to enter a rewarding career in the computing industry.


Year I – Semester 1

– Computer Platforms & Information Systems
– Personal Skills Development
– Programming and Object Orientation Concepts
– Computers in Business and Society

Year I – Semester 2

– Networking Concepts
– Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
– System Analysis
– e-Business Technology & Development

Year II – Semester 1

– System Design and Implementation
– Database Design Concepts
– Website Design
– Advanced Object Oriented Programming

Year II – Semester 2

– Information Server Management
– Networking Technology
– Electronic Commerce and Implementation
– Final Year Project
a. Information System Project
b. e-Business Project

Teaching Language: English
Course Duration : 2 Academic Years ( 4 Semesters )
Plus 1 year optional foundation Program


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