The course :

Our Diploma course offers you the opportunity to learn about business, and prepares you for working in the business world.
The diploma course covers the core business skills, which are essential to be effective in today’s work. We place much emphasis on the development of practical skills which can be applied in your future working life.
The course structure provides you with the opportunity to develop your own interests and specialisms, with route ways in marketing, human resources, finance, and accounting and information technology.
With a sound business studies education, you will have a wide range of opportunity in the kind of work you choose to undertake, or the organizations you can move into in the commercial, industrial, or public sector. Should you wish to advance these studies, the Diploma in Business Administration can lead on to a degree program or further professional training. It is particularly closely linked to BA, Business administration, of many UK Universities and Colleges
Students enrolled in this program earn a Diploma in Business Administration. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in private and public organizations and for higher studies in business.
The aims and objectives of the program are:
1. To enhance the students’ critical thinking and develop their basic analytical and decision-making skills.
2. To provide students with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles and theories of the basic areas of business including economics, accounting, finance, management and marketing.
3. To equip graduates with a solid academic, technical and intellectual background that will enable them to pursue higher studies in undergraduate and professional schools.

1st Semester

Introduction to Management
Accounting I
Computers Introduction

2nd Semester

Business Environment
Organisations and Behaviour
Accounting II

3rd Semester

Operation Management
Introduction to E-Business
Financial Reporting
HRM 305 Human Resources Management

4th Semester

European Law
Employee Relations
Financial Systems & Auditing
Business Strategy
Advertising and Promotion


Teaching Language: English
Course Duration :
2 Academic Years ( 4 Semesters )
Plus 1 year optional foundation Program

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