Bio and Allied Health Sciences (3 years plus an Optional Foundation Year, Higher Diploma

Our mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum in the biological and allied health sciences that will in part, meet the needs of a global society for a suitably qualified workforce in biology as well as allied health professions, by advancing knowledge in the biological and allied health sciences, as well as prepare them for graduate studies. The course work is designed to help students acquire sufficient knowledge, skills and attitudes and to enable them to pursue a career in any biology and/or health related fields including but not limited to research, hospitals and health related sales positions. Upon completion of the diploma the graduate will be able to apply the knowledge with a concern for the needs of the individual and society, and to offer in a professional and ethical manner the best in quality service and to develop the ability, with the use of technology, to think logically and critically and develop the motivation to continue learning.

The graduate will recognize the importance of his/her continuing education, and a willingness to contribute to new knowledge through research. This also leads to an acknowledgement of the need to function effectively within a complex system, with an awareness of the limitations of his/her knowledge, and a willingness to seek further help when necessary, and the recognition of the need for flexibility and ability to adapt to change. S/he will develop an appreciation and motivation for lifelong learning.


Α΄ Εξάμηνο (1st Semester )
College Biology I (2 Th. – 1 Lab.)
Biostatistics for the Health Sciences
Organic Chemistry I
Physics I
Anatomy I

Β΄ Εξάμηνο ( 2nd Semester )
College Biology II
Microbiology (2 Th. – 1 Lab.)
Organic Chemistry II
Physics II
Histology (2 Th. – 1 Lab.)

Γ΄ Εξάμηνο ( 3rd Semester )
Cell Biology (3Th.-1Lab)
Physiology I

Δ΄Εξάμηνο ( 4th Semester )
Genetics and Molecular Biology I
Anatomy II
Physiology II

Ε΄ Εξάμηνο (5th Semester )
Microbiology II (3 Th. – 1 Lab.)
Genetics and Molecular Biology II

Μαθήματα Επιλογής Ε΄ Εξάμηνου (5th Semester )
Pathology I
Analytical Biochemistry
Health and Wellness

ΣΤ΄ Εξάμηνο ( 6th Semester )
Biology of Disease
Behavioural Science and Ethics

Μαθήματα Επιλογής ΣΤ΄ Εξάμηνο ( 6th Semester )
Pathology II
Biochemistry and Health



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